SCOPE is a platform for informal artists' presentations. Associate members of DANCE NUCLEUS as well as non-members may conduct discussions, workshops, jams, readings, screenings, open studio and work-in-progress showings. The showings are self-organised and hosted by the artists themselves, with the goal of generating critical discourse.


SCOPE #10    :   13 - 14 Mar   (In-Person at Dance Nucleus) 


13.03.2021    (SAT)

Convened by Corrie Tan


1200 - 1300

Being Mortal 

By Valerie Lim (with Michellina Chan) 


The inevitability of death is part of the human condition. Being Mortal is a sensory experiment that takes away the variable of sight to heighten our other senses.


Valerie Lim holds a B.Sc. (hons.) Political Science and B.A. (hons.) Dance and is currently an associate artist with P71SMA and Dance Nucleus. Michellina Chan is a Singaporean saxophonist, educator & interdisciplinary collaborator.


1300 - 1400

mise en femme

By Sonia Kwek 


mise en femme is an exploration of the aesthetics of feminine gender identity. I am interested to examine how we design/arrange ourselves through the poses, shapes and gestures our bodies inhabit, and simultaneously how we form and shape these idea(l)s of what it means to be feminine. 


Sonia's practice looks at using the body, examining the material/materiality of the body and interrogating body politics. She works across disciplines and varying mediums, often through the roles of performer, (co-)creator and/or facilitator in projects, as she seeks to shape space-time for intimate and visceral experiences, to open perspectives about the in-between and unspoken. 


1400 - 1500

Long Sentences - and other ways of practicing thick entanglement

By Rhiannon Newton (Sydney) 


Rhiannon will share aspects of her current project Long Sentences. As a practice, Long Sentences names, embodies and engages in conversation about interactions unfolding at the scale of the body, and pushes these toward uneasy scales, to feel impacts in timeframes and physical worlds far beyond the body.


Rhiannon is an Australian dancer and choreographer whose artistic work draws attention to ecofeminist ways of understanding interdependence between bodies and the world. Rhiannon currently works from Gadigal land (Sydney) where she contributes to community and culture through creation, performance, collaboration, teaching and curation.


This presentation will be conducted via Zoom.


1530 - 1630


By Jereh Leung


A sharing of the recent residency at objectifs (Singapore) for the project tête-bêche, dealing with image and collective memories and conditioning on gender performativity. 


Jereh Leung’s work in performance seeks to reevaluate patriarchal identities. He creates landscapes of viscerality by merging different mediums such as body, sculpture and sound.


1530 - 1630

Reusable Ikeabana

By Rachael Cheong and Sheryll Goh (Awkward Party) 


In place of awkward family gatherings, Awkward Party fantasizes about the kitsch Chinese plating that kept us entertained at the dinner table. What if they were reusable sculptural vessels, a Frankenstein-esque ikebana?


Awkward Party is obsessed with objects—their past lives and what they mean for the future—reinterpreted through the lens of kitsch. 



14.03.2021 (SUN)

Convened by Shawn Chua


1200 - 1300

String 5enses

By Ammar and Rachel Nip


String 5enses is a research project conceived by Hello, How Do You Move? in which participants explore sound through the sensation of touch and feeling of vibrations in the body and in the air. Our project aims to bring forth the Deaf perspective in which association with sounds and music is reinterpreted with sight, touch, movement and facial expressions.


Hello, How Do You Move? is a collective of two choreographers/performers Ammar and Rachel Nip. They are interested in researching and creating projects that reflect the narratives, relationships and opportunities within Deaf and hearing communities.


1300 - 1400

Dancing Alone

By Jocelyn Chng


This is a work-in-progress exhibition/screening of material created over the past year, in relation to Jocelyn's ongoing project: Dancing Alone.


Jocelyn Chng is dance/theatre artist and educator, whose practice is concerned with interrogating the cultural politics of ballet performance and teaching, especially in the context of Singapore. She also works with improvisational and somatics practices, encouraging a phenomenological awareness of our lived experience. 


1430 - 1530

Becoming Nothing

By Venuri Perera (Colombo)


I will share my work related to the power dynamics of gaze and anonymity. And current exploration in search for 'acts of vulnerability'.


Venuri Perera is a choreographer and performance artist from Colombo. 


This presentation will be conducted via zoom. 


1530 - 1630

Bhumi Bound: Reflections on Producing Practice

By Mohamad Shaifulbahri


Bound (baʊnd): to leap/to limit/a compulsion/that which is predestined. A sharing on a producer’s practice through the lens of Bhumi Collective’s journey over the last five years since its inception.


Shai is the Joint Artistic Director of Bhumi Collective and an Organising Member of Producers SG. He enjoys working with artists who make art collaboratively across mediums, with a view towards transnational collaborations that break borders and barriers in art-making. He believes strongly in arts education and provides mentoring and development opportunities for emerging performing arts producers.



1630 - 1730

Breathe in(tension)

By Hafeez Hassan


This dance piece is about me expressing my ‘style’ by using the components of Silat interweaved with hip hop and contemporary. I have been exploring this since 2018 and  drawn to this practice because it makes me feel rooted to my culture and It brings me joy fusing all the different dance styles together. Since last year, I have also been doing a lot of breath retention practice, which includes breath holds for about 3 minutes. I’m currently exploring how this practice can benefit my dance and well being.


Hafeez Hassan is a Dancer, choreographer and fitness trainer loves anything creative.  By combining his knowledge in dance, fitness and martial arts he creates his own style of flow.



1730 - 1830

Watering Body

By Cheryl Ong


Exploring my connection with water, its ability to hold and let flow. 

Inviting your water body to move with mine, we journey in a sea of…


Cheryl is a movement artist invested in somatic practices and real-time composition (graduated with Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Dance from La Manufacture, Switzerland, 2019). Wild nature and sharing with people ground her work.