Valerie   Lim

Perhaps properly understanding one’s mortality can actually be empowering and result in a crystalised understanding of life and how to live it. By embracing our mortality, we actually affirm life. This project aims to discover how a performing body/movement can be employed to help us come to terms with our mortality and in doing so, gain knowledge – conceptual, embodied, experiential – that will help us live life more richly and meaningfully.



Critical Questions: 

How can the live performing body activate mortality consciousness? How can the space and soundscape also facilitate this embodied reflection? 
How can the body in performance create somatic/kinaesthetic empathy that sensitises audiences to their own bodied vulnerability?

Valerie believes life must be spent pursing what makes us feel the most alive. The mysteries of the human body, multi-disciplinary and immersive works deeply thrill her. Two immersive experiences she has presented includes: San Junipero, an invitation to come to terms with one's mortality, and Tardigrade Estate, which invited audiences to create their own virtual paradise.

Her desire to expand her movement practice brought her on a two month trip across Europe to learn from Tomislav English, David Zambrano, Ido Portal, Bruno Canverna (Formless Arts), Fighting Monkey, Eduardo Torroja (Ultima Vez). Her current movement practice involves stepping out of her comfort zone by cross training with different movement practices like bouldering, breakdancing, parkour, krump, tricking and is hopping to add muay thai and aikido to the list.