Sonia   KWEK

Project: Hymen Instinct Do women have a right to an erotic experience of life? Sex is often used to police women’s bodies. This project thus seeks to break open those ‘taboo’ moments of sexual awakening for a woman (when a woman has her period and when a woman orgasms), through exploring and subverting the presentation of society’s two extremes of a sexualised woman (virgin and whore). 

Through this project, I also seek to re-understand femininity & feminism through my own lived experience as a Singaporean Chinese/ Southeast Asian female. I reference Chinese mythological female figures and writings/images on women from the canon of Chinese literature/ legends, to examine how they might have shaped how we form our roles, desires and life journey. What exactly is the ‘Chinese Feminine’ ideal, and have we truly understood it? Do we want to move away from that ideal, what are the alternatives for our bodies to aspire towards? To what extent is femininity a biological, cultural or social construct?

Sonia moves, makes and shares through varying mediums: often, she is performer, co-creator and/or facilitator in projects spanning across disciplines. Sonia’s practice is driven by a fascination with the body, particularly in exploring the material(ity) of the body and questioning body politics as a womxn. Currently, she is an associate artist with dance company P7:1SMA and an associate member of Dance Nucleus. Sonia also believes in socially-engaged work, especially with children/youths. She is an experienced playmaker with Playeum and ad hoc facilitator for Rolypoly Family and 3Pumpkins.