SHeryll Goh  &  Rachael Cheong


The Party is caught between its fascination with bad taste and a desire to put forth high quality work validated by social norms. It never takes itself too seriously. The Party explores notions of awkwardness through parodies of cultural kitsch, evocative of nostalgic family gatherings and festive celebrations. The Party embraces discomfort. Always evolving, at times it is a hybrid object, a reluctant group of people, a sentimental environment or all of the above. It is a safe space to be vulnerable and self-reflective.

A social gathering for the awkward/ a group of people made to feel awkward/ a political statement about looking at the world through awkwardly shaped glasses. 

AWKWARD PARTY is Fashion designer Rachael Cheong and Visual Artist Sheryll Goh. In 2020, The Party is indulging in a year-long examination into the aesthetics of awkwardness through the lens of Kitsch.