SCOPE is a platform for informal artists' presentations. Associate members of DANCE NUCLEUS as well as non-members may conduct discussions, workshops, jams, readings, screenings, open studio and work-in-progress showings. The showings are self-organised and hosted by the artists themselves, with the goal of generating critical discourse.


SCOPE #9     :   12 - 13  Sept    2020 (online)


12.09.2020 (SAT)


1200 - 1300

Considerable Sexual Licence

By Joel Bray (Melbourne)


Joel will be speaking about his practice and his new work Considerable Sexual Licence.


A Melbourne-based artist, Joel Bray is a proud Wiradjuri man, who trained at NAISDA and WAAPA and is an ongoing performer with CHUNKY MOVE.   Joel’s practice springs from his Wiradjuri cultural heritage. His works are intimate encounters in unorthodox spaces, in which audience-members are invited in as co-storytellers to explore the experiences of fair-skinned Aboriginal people, and the experiences of contemporary gay men in an increasingly digital and isolated world. His body becomes the intersection site of those songlines- Indigenous heritage, skin-colour and queer sexuality.


1300 - 1400

Between Earth and Sky

By Alecia Neo

What does the weight of caregiving look like? Whose weight do we bear? Can we share it? Working with the movements and perspectives of a community of caregivers of persons with mental illness, Between Earth and Sky connects the physicality of care work and personally choreographed movement as forms of body practice.


Alecia Neo develops long-term projects that involve collaborative partnerships with individuals and communities. Her socially engaged practice unfolds primarily through photography, video, and participatory workshops that address modes of radical hospitality, reciprocity, caregiving, and wellbeing to explore issues of identity and the search for self. She is the co-founder of Brack, a platform for socially engaged projects.


1430 - 1530

Barely There

By Denise Lim


Barely There is a solo devised from Denise Lim’s work to reconcile and reconsider her relationship with dance. Ideas of giving up, disorientation and unseeing have become important as she aims (among other aims) to produce a sense of ambiguity through the possible meanings from the relationships between body, objects, gestures, images, sounds, ...


Denise Lim is a Singaporean dancer and choreographer. She is a graduate from the Dance and Choreography bachelor programme at the Danish National School of Performing Arts in Copenhagen, Denmark. Her curiosities include the real, the unreal, and the uncanny.


1530 - 1630

Intimacy Currency

By Melyn Chow


Intimacy Currency materialized from my desire to feel alive during our collective isolation - this includes the physical, the emotional, the sexual, the mental and the banal. Through self-liberation and connecting to my pleasure, I was confronted by the ‘rules of my bedroom’ which I have been brought up in that carried shame. Could leaning into the joy and power of Erotism feel shameful/shameless but also, so alive?


Melyn Chow is a performer and maker who finds pleasure and play in movement, space and image. She currently pursues a BA in Mime at the Amsterdam University of the Arts. Melyn previously gathered professional experience in various disciplines of performances and collaborations with RAW Moves company and was a graduate from LASALLE College of the Arts, Diploma in Dance in 2014.



13.09.2020 (SUN)


1200 - 1300

Becoming a Professional Whisperer - Performing Live ASMR 

By Melinda Lauw 

ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is a relaxing tingling sensation triggered by gentle aural, visual and/or tactile stimuli. Most people know it from YouTube, where professional ASMRtists rake in millions of views for their ASMR videos. In this session, Melinda will give an overview of how she pioneered the translation of ASMR from an online phenomenon into an in-person performance practice. This will be followed by a demonstration of live ASMR in the Dance Nucleus studio.

Melinda is an artist, experience designer and immersive creator working across the fields of art, culture, immersive entertainment and experiential marketing. She is the co-founder of Whisperlodge, a production company pioneering the practice of live ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). 


1300 - 1400

The Touch of Presence

By Chung Nguyen (Ho Chih Minh City)


What is the meaning of touch in this strange time? How can we embrace it within ourselves?


At SCOPE#9, I would like to share with you some thoughts on my current work-in-progress called The Touch of Presence. In this changing time, I am in search of pleasure that comes out of the suffering, grief, and the sense of uncertainty to reflect myself to another.


Chung Nguyen (b.1990) is a Vietnamese artist, choreographer and movement educator based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Chung’s ongoing practice explores the interface between dance, performance art and somatic studies to embody the concept of body-mind relationship. Chung’s works focus on the body experience/sensations in relation to body movement, touch, sound, space and objects.


1430 - 1530

Ruby Jayaseelan


Everything is empty. There is nothing. Here. Now. Do you exist? Do I? What is real? What isn’t?

Existence precedes Essence.

There is an awkward punctuation in the above sentence.

Try and swirl it in your mouth.

Existence precedes Essence. Existence precedes Essence. Existence precedes Essence.

Feel me?


Ruby Jayaseelan ponders over Jean Paul Sartre’s central claim of existentialism, ‘Existence Precedes Essence’ through collaborations, experiments and much bewilderment. This is an invitation to all to examine the authenticity of our personal lives and of our society.


Ruby Jayaseelan is an experimental movement artist deeply rooted in Eastern techniques including Bharathanatyam and Yoga, and intensely informed by Western techniques like somatic movement. She performs, teaches and collaborates on stages and streets, focusing on the holistic practice of art, movement and its philosophy. She is an Associate Artist with Teater Ekamatra.


1530 - 1630

Ashley Ho

Within this hour, I want to post a photo of my Zwitsal baby soap bar, taken on 4th August 2020. This will complete the soap bar half-portfolio that began 64 days into being back in pandemic Singapore. This will probably take 1 minute. I would like to spend the others questioning an obsession with archival – how experience can be documented and how document(ation)/ing constructs and constitutes experience. Let's go?

Ashley (b. 1999) is a Singaporean artist who works from the perspective of movement. Her work spans performance, making, and writing, and is presently preoccupied with archival, martial arts, and technologies of caring. A recipient of the National Arts Council Scholarship 2018, she is a Dancer/Maker undergraduate at ArtEZ University of the Arts in the Netherlands. She hopes to make the kind of work she wants to experience.