SCOPE is a platform for informal artists' presentations. Associate members of DANCE NUCLEUS as well as non-members may conduct discussions, workshops, jams, readings, screenings, open studio and work-in-progress showings. The showings are self-organised and hosted by the artists themselves, with the goal of generating critical discourse.


The next SCOPE will take place In-Person at Dance Nucleus in NOV 2021. 

SCOPE #11  :   26 and 27 June   (In-Person at Dance Nucleus)

26.06.2021    (SAT)

Convened by Gua Khee 


1200 - 1300

Rude Gender (Genesis) 

By Sharda Harrison


Merging Workshop with film and live performance, Rude Gender, explores the state of censorship across all genders and sexualities and its direct impact on the body. This is a performance workshop, in workshop. 


Sharda Harrison is a Singapore based artist. Recently she has been fascinated by the word 'Hybrid' and how we can fuse education and performance in a seamless way. 


1300 - 1400




A short screening of one of XUE’s ‘SLEEPWALKERS’ videos (25 Minutes) — part of an ongoing series of performances which operate within a pre-established lexicon devised by the artist. The configuration of the piece is adaptive, depending on the environment in which it is performed in.

Performers: XUE, Fadhil Daud


XUE is an eponymous conductor of clandestine realities, activated through live performance, sound collaborations and video work. XUE’s worlds are post-lingual spaces which often involve silent or disarticulate bodies routinely subject to invisible restrictions


1400 - 1500

Sharing experiences on looking for sponsors, partnerships and supports

By Ngo Thanh Phuong (Saigon) 


Budget for a production/project is always a big problem for independent choreographers. The question is  how could we find the way to get strong for the long-term production/project?


Ngo Thanh Phuong is an independent choreographer, based in VietNam. At the moment, she's working on her own research "Through the door then" by creating the dialog between 2 young dancers and 2 ex-prisoners and at the same time, she focuses on building the contemporary dance community "Morua Arts Project" in Hoi An, Vietnam. 


This presentation will be conducted via Zoom.


1530 - 1630

Young Body

By Charmaine Poh


YOUNG BODY responds to discourse surrounding the patriarchal gaze and the female-presenting body. The lecture-perfomance uses found footage of my preteen body as a tween TV actor, speculative fiction and AI-learning to proffer restitution and freedom-making. 


Charmaine Poh works with image-making and performance. Central to her practice is considering the performativity of the everyday, the body, digital selves and repair. 


Charmaine is currently part of the joint residency by Dance Nucleus and Thinkers’ Studio (Taiwan), ARTEFACT x CLOUD Residency.



27.06.2021 (SUN)

Convened by Sze Wei


1100 - 1200

Projecting Lights for Democracy

By 100projectors (Myanmar) 


An ongoing worldwide projection campaign to fight for democracy in Myanmar. The military seized Myanmar on February 1st, 2021 and many of the rights of our people were taken and thus, we fight for democracy with light to spread awareness and lift the people spirit. 


100 Projectors is a projection campaign started by artists/activists in Myanmar since March 1st. The participating projectionists are "Projector Fighters".


This presentation will be conducted via Zoom. 



1200 - 1300

A world between worlds

By Gilles Massot


Presentation will be based on my new books just published, Ombres (13+1) a world between worlds. 


A life spent doing what I like where I like. 



1330 - 1430


By Jaclyn Chong


This presentation traces the digital body through livestreams and the performance of everyday life. Surveying interactions situated in Singapore, it further examines the (pandemic) psyche of Singaporeans and excavates those feelings to propose a speculative future of solidarity. 


Jaclyn is a performance-maker. Her works explore the boundaries between moving image and performance, probing into representations of the body. 



1430 - 1530

i ' m  m o r a l  i t y 

By Megan Sin


How do you understand the food you are consuming? How do you know how full you are? 


I am (Megan Sin is) currently finding ground to masturbate freely. I hope you can join me - let's eat well together.