Jocelyn     Chng

The Mulled Wine project started as a collaboration between myself, Nidya Shanthini Manokara and Melissa Quek. Through subsequent mulling on our personal stories and interests, the work has unfolded over a long but necessary process. In 2020, I am working on developing a solo, that may form a part of the larger Mulled Wine project, or become a separate work on its own.

In this solo project, I am continuing to explore the overarching question above on unfulfilled desires, pushing further to interrogate the sources of those desires and the associated emotions of resentment and guilt that have formed much of my recent reflections. Conceptually, I also make use of images and video to explore my personal relationship with a dance form that originates from a distant culture. In doing so, I am also trying to understand my wider cultural context, and the philosophies underlying dance and performance that are perhaps universal to cultures everywhere in the world.