Faye    Lim

Australian-based artist, Charemaine Seet, and I first met in Sydney in 2015, when my son was approaching 1-year old. We share an affinity to aesthetics and values in post-modern dance and improvisation, a concurrent questioning of the whiteness and racism implicit in post- modern dance, and a practice in working and dancing with children.

Dance in the Making: Collaborative dance-making with and among children (SG and Sydney) is a continuation of my “Practice in the Making” research project at Dance Nucleus in 2019. Jill Tan continues to support as researcher and writer.

The choreographic framework for will be based on Charemaine’s Trio A with Rabbits, a process piece previously created by her and her students in 2019, inspired by Yvonne Rainer’s iconic work, Trio A, its variation, Trio A with Flags, and ideas around displacement and the Berlin rabbits.

My project, “Dance in the Making: Collaborative dance-making with and among children (SG and Sydney),” will support a collaboration between Charemaine and I, two women who identify as dance artists, mothers, teachers, and directors of our own companies. Designed as a 12-month choreographic dance exchange between our companies and a small group of children (from SG and Sydney), this project culminates in a 5-day intensive and joint performance in Singapore in October 2020. We value highly the creative genius of children and are coming together to co-direct and co-make a dance work with each other and our young students, aged 8 to 14 years.