Ranjana's rehabilitative cheesecake recipe

400ml yoghurt

400ml cream cheese

1 tbsp lemon juice

4 tsp cornstarch

160g sugar

2.5tsp vanilla essence


For the crust:

250g rolled oats

Some almonds/walnuts

4tbsp oil

Several spoons of sugar/jaggery

0.5tsp salt

Spread out crust and flatten,  pour the cheesecake mixture over it, and bake at 175C  for about 45 minutes. One way to tell that it is done is to jiggle the tray and see if the top of your cake is excessively jiggly. Bake till it's slightly more sedentary. Also, put    a second tin of  hot water in the oven as you bake.


It helps to put in the fridge overnight once you've cooled it   to help    it set.