Daniel Kok

How do we displace ourselves to have a glimpse of the other? In Hundreds+Thousands seeing is understood as a perceptual act that is more than sight. To see is also to sense with the body. To gaze at something or someone is also to empathise with them. To listen is also to ‘see’ what is not immediately apparent: gaps, the past, the future, the in-between.

Listening to, breathing with, waiting for... performance is the moment where the one seeing is also being seen; when subjects present themselves fully, when a movement out of stillness, as well as a movement unto stillness reveals the rich layers of relationality between things. In such a space, transformation becomes a possibility.

Hundreds+Thousands is conceived against the backdrop of wider socio-cultural questions.
- Queer theory and feminism: How can we see from points of view different to our own, welcome the unfamiliar and what falls outside the circle of normativity?
- Environmental crisis: How do we appreciate together the vastness of infinity, the great history of the earth and the universe, in which we are but a blip? What if we ‘see’ together the times and spaces before the human epoch, or long after humans exist?


Hundreds+Thousands enlists plants as performative actants: as audience, fellow performers, artistic collaborators and social mediators. Through a movement practice underpinned by tai chi and taoist philosophy, and using breath, sound, light and tactile materials, they propose a dialogic relationship with plants and other spectators, working from the basis that plants know.