Dance Nucleus Launch

January 12, 2018
Dance Nucleus Launch

Dance Nucleus launches 2018 season with the appointment of new management team

SINGAPORE, 13 JANUARY 2018 – Dance Nucleus returns with a new season of dance programmes for 2018 targeted at the independent dance sector following the appointment of a new management team. Housed at Goodman Arts Centre, Dance Nucleus is a space for practice-based research and creative development for independent dance in Singapore. We prioritise the development of choreographic practices for Singaporean or Singapore-based artists – developing artistic practices and creative projects.

2 January 13th, 2018 sees the official launch of the new Dance Nucleus term led by Daniel Kok as appointed Artistic Director, alongside Ezekiel Oliveira as General Manager and Dapheny Chen, Operations Manager. As a development from the first two years of the initiative, our team aims to foster a culture of discourse, exchange, support and critique and build partnerships within Singapore and internationally. The launch will showcase short works by Christina Chan and Ezekiel Oliveira as we prepare to unveil exciting plans for research and collaboration catering to the needs of the wider independent dance scene. Senior Director of Sector Development for Performing Arts at the National Arts Council (NAC), Ms Elaine Ng adds, “Dance Nucleus is one of the key dance initiatives under the NAC in providing independent dance practitioners a conducive space to hone their craft and incubate new ideas. Since its launch, we have seen the growth of a community where artists come together to discuss and explore diverse works that inspire. We are looking forward to this new partnership with Daniel Kok and his team as they develop in-depth programmes and collaborations to support the scene.”


3 Associate Membership. A portfolio of more than twenty different artists or projects will be supported throughout 2018 at Dance Nucleus, with presentations in the programmes SCOPE and/or ELEMENT.

4 Flexible dance space. By partitioning the studio at Goodman Arts Centre, we are transforming the venue into a co-sharing space for artists. This will include a library, a small studio dedicated to projects that benefit from a comfortable and cosy space, as well as a large dance studio for practice-based research and rehearsals.

5 Our new website. This will enable associate members to book available slots for studio space online, feature profiles of artists & projects, archives, and an e-publication. Transparency is at the heart of our mission, and as such we will keep a calendar of all our activities online, allowing one and all to see who is using the spaces and when. We want to maximise our resources with the dance community, as well as to encourage dialogue across artists.

6 ELEMENT and SCOPE. Dance Nucleus will present two different programmes per year. ELEMENT is a curated program with two seasons per year, taking the shape of a long-term residency and mentoring program with priority for Singaporean and Singapore-based independent artists. The emphasis for this residency is on development and articulation of practice-based research.

OVERVIEW – ELEMENT Season #1 will have two parts: 

7 Each section deals with a thematic that will relate to the overall dance community in Singapore. They are: “Foreign Languages” and “Post-Colonial Tactics”. Both will take place simultaneously from January to May/June 2018.

8 Each of the two thematic parts will involve two artists-in-residence (AIR), supported by one invited mentor/dramaturge for each subject. Artists Patricia Toh and Hwa Wei-An have been invited to initiate research under the theme of “Foreign Languages” while Chloe Chotrani and Bernice Lee will be developing research on the subject of “Post-Colonial Tactics”.

9 Each AIR has been invited to work on a proposed project for approximately three weeks, including helping to organise and host a presentation programme for the invited mentor/dramaturge. Within this three-week research platform, each AIR is asked to document their activities and prepare a report for Dance Nucleus by mid-June 2018. Any presentation (e.g.: studio showing) that the AIR conducts can either be a standalone activity within the ELEMENT residency or part of the SCOPE platform.

 “Foreign Languages looks at ideas and influences from forms other than how contemporary dance is defined. Taking the positions of ‘other’ forms and practices allows us to reflect or look back on contemporary dance itself, to gain a critical perspective on the ‘contemporary’ and how this notion relates to a cultural context.”

“Post-Colonial Tactics” reflects on the Singaporean condition of post-colonialism. In unearthing the questions that underpin (arguably) all dance in our part of the world, can we outline specific choreographic strategies and tactics to further clarify, deal with, problematise, or circumnavigate the terrain?”

Daniel Kok, December 2017


10 SCOPE is our non-curated program, with an open format for artists to propose their activities. A quarterly event, the format of this presentation varies from discussions, workshops, jams, readings, screenings, open studio, work-in-progress showings, feedback sessions, and performances. Each presentation slot lasts up to 90 minutes. We would like to accommodate up to twelve presentations per SCOPE, making a total of forty-eight presentations per year open to the public. The nature of this presentation is self-organised; artists host their events and gather feedback for themselves. For associate members, SCOPE is the platform to present their work. SCOPE is also an open platform for non-associate members to showcase work and projects: research, talks, and performances.    

11 A partnership with M1 CONTACT Contemporary Dance Festival

For more information, please contact:

Ezekiel Oliveira, General Manager, Dance Nucleus


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