[CP]3    is an intensive distance learning programme for the development of critical praxes in contemporary choreography and performance making. The main aim of the 4-month programme is to help emerging artists articulate and develop their own artistic practices.   Each module is led by an established artist who takes on the role of guest mentor. The 8 mentors will host their modules from the different Asian and international milieux that they are based in, bringing with them a spectrum of perspectives and experience. 


For more information, please refer to the full prospectus below.  





Detailed information  on modules, mentors and   programme dates    can be found here.


Mentors  and Modules 

Padmini Chettur (Chennai) , Being In A    Work

Pichet Klunchun (Bangkok),   Re-Mapping Traditions

Arco Renz,   An Approach to Transcultural Dance 

Melati Suryodarmo (Surakata),   Secular Rituals 

Xiao Ke   x Zi Han (Shanghai),   Social Theatre 

Choy Ka Fai   (Berlin/Singapore),  Technological Flesh 

Eisa Jocson (Manila), Ethnography and Dance Research 

Luke George (Melbourne), Risk and Intimacy 


Participating Artists 

Albert Garcia (Macao),
Alisa Soelaeman (Jakarta),
Anishaa Tavag (Bangalore),
Anoushka Kurien (Chennai),
Chung Nguyen (Ho Chi Minh City),
Dianling Zhang (Guangzhou),
Er Gao (Guangzhou),
Jaclyn Chong (Singapore),
January Low (Kuala Lumpur),
Jared Jonathan Luna (Manila),
Josh Marcy (Jakarta),
Kornkarn Rungsawang (Bangkok),
Megan Sin (Singapore),
Norhaizad Adam (Singapore),
Pat Toh (Singapore),
Rhiannon Newton (Sydney),
Sudhee Liao (Hong Kong),
Syimah Sabtu (Singapore),
Valerie Lim (Singapore),
Wang Ning (Taipei)