Bernice  Lee    &   Chong Gua Khee

In Tactility Studies, we invite you to open up your body as a site and space for performance. To be soft, to wobble, to uncoil. 
An intimate experience for 25-40 audience members, 3 performers activate this performance with different degrees of direct interaction for audience who can register as experiencers or observers.

Tactility Studies proposes that tactility is a language we can all build sensitivity and fluency in, through experience and practice. Paying particular attention to how touch can be both transgressive and reparative, Tactility Studies desires to shape affective discourses around platonic, pleasurable, safe touch – and consent. Can we think of our skin not as what contains our bodies, but what opens out our bodies to other encounters?

Chong Gua Khee and Bernice Lee are theatre and dance artists who have been collaborating since 2016. 


Their joint practice 'The Body-as-Theatre' seeks to draw attention to the performativity of bodies in conversation, activate collective physical experiences, and hone in on everyday intersubjectivities.

Tactility Studies is the first manifestation of their joint practice.

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