Associate Members

An associate member is an individual artist or a project including more than one person; for instance a dance company or collective. Our associate members are part of an exciting network of artists and projects around Dance Nucleus. Since our focus is producing knowledge and choreography as thinking practice, we open our doors for artists to come in and work in the studio. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean an artist needs to use the studio to create a work. Dance Nucleus is an open space for research in dance, as such we envision a series of diverse research projects that may or may not end up with a production. The studio is open for experimentation, rehearsals, for a discussion and debates as well as presentation, in a variety of formats: performance, video, lecture, workshops, reading groups and or exhibition.

SCOPE is our quarterly event running for one weekend every three months. In SCOPE, associate members or projects will make at least one presentation in the platform throughout 2018: this might take the format of; discussions, workshops, jams, readings, screenings, open studio and showings. Associate members are self-organised artists to host their events within SCOPE – gathering feedback for themselves. Dance Nucleus provides administrative support for presentations as well as documentation of the activities on our website.

Associate members or projects 2018.

Bernice Lee
Chloe Chotrani
Pat Toh
Hwa Wei-An
Aaron Khek & Ix Wong (Ah Hock And Peng You)
Adam Lau
Chiew Peishan & Liu Wen-Chun  
Chong Gua Khee & Bernice Lee
Daniel Kok & Luke George
Dapheny Chen
Elizabeth Chan & Li Ruimin
Ezekiel Oliveira & Christina Chan
Jereh Leong
Joao Gouveia & Petra Vossenberg
Nirmala Sheshadri
Felicia Lim, Faye Lim, Eng Kai Er, Chan Sze Wei
Sabrina Sng
Shanice Stanislau
Shermaine Heng
Tang Sook Kuan
Xie Shang Bin
Chen Jiexiao