The ARTEFACT creative residency programme is open to  professional artists working in independent dance and performance. The residency is intended to support the creative development of research based practices. 


Denise Lim (Berlin/Singapore)
Denise will collaborate with Swedish dancer and choreographer Stina Ehn on the project Barely There. Barely There is an ongoing research project Denise initiated in 2019. It is based on the questions 'How does dance appear and disappear?' and 'What does dance produce?'. Denise and Stina have been working together since Fall 2021 and are now working towards a new work by going back to their original questions, further developing and reconsidering these dances. They use the interchangeability of costume, prop, set, light +- to produce a sense of ambiguity and uncertainty of who/what is leading; working towards multi-layered visions of dance. A dance that seems to go nowhere and constantly on the cusp of something else.
Barely There would like to thank Dance Nucleus, Statens Kunstfond (DK), Konstnärsnämnden (SE), and Goethe Institut Singapore


Rebecca Goh (Singapore)
"homotopy" is a deconstruction of the body into its axes — a reduction simmering at absolute zero. "homotopy" is a multidimensional excavation of the soma as an acoustic artefact. It is an exploration of sound that dives deep into the intersections of musicology, particle physics, cognitive neurobiology, and the (un)conscious body in documentary / gestural performance. Through the recreation of site-specific stimuli and immersive spatiality, "homotopy" will be an interactive exhibition of human modalities — all within a communal act of listening. The team behind "homotopy" endeavours to map the lesser-known ubiquities of sound with their audience, and to trace personal topologies. The project aims to create opportunities for unexpected collaborations, empathy, and an intimate methodology of lived experiences.

Lee Mun Wai (Berlin/Singapore)

"On Display" reconsiders dance and choreography’s assumed relationships to the elements of stagecraft.  Focusing on the stagecraft element of costume design, he continues his exploration with the garment-objects designed by Singapore-based fashion designer, Dinu Bodiciu, troubling the pre-assumed relationships of the body in dance and fashion by experimenting with the different visual modes found in both of them.


Hwa Wei-An (George Town/ Singapore)

"A Reason for Falling" will look at the dramaturgical development and expansion of the work shown at VECTOR#1.   The many starts and stops, delays, and evolutions that the work went through because of the Covid-19 pandemic, and how this uncontrolled metaphorical fall might be answered through movement.


AWKWARD PARTY, Sheryll Goh and Rachael Cheong (Singapore)

"Come Dine with Me" will look at the pair’s obsession with communal dining, and their observations on the ways in which relationships play out at gatherings. 


Meghna Bhardwaj (Delhi)

"Yarning" comprises finding a relationship between movement/dance and the rhythmic structures embedded in the act of crocheting/weaving/knitting.


Ngo Thanh Phuong (Saigon)

"Through the door then..." is in search of "gazes". In the first chapter of this project, Phuong presented a durational event based on her dialogues with some ex-prisoners, where audiences had access to the parallel world of the event (live and online via the security camera system's eyes). In the second chapter, Phuong will be working with two ex-prisoners more deeply, creating a world together. "Through the door then..." is produced by MORUA in partnership with Dance Nucleus through the ARTEFACT Creative Residency


Soultari Amin Farid (with CLOUD Residency, Thinker's Studio Taiwan) 

"Pok-ing Gender" investigates the issues of gender, decolonisation and queering identities through Malay dance, critically analysing and deconstructing the typical movement phase Lenggang, which is known as the gendered Malay gait. 

Charmaine Poh (with CLOUD Residency, Thinker's Studio Taiwan)

“Young Body” will look at the emergence of selfhood through the Internet from the 2000s to present day, and the ways that technology influences and/or infringes upon this selfhood, with a focus on cyberfeminist lineages.


Syimah Sabtu (first selected to develop and present their work for M1 CONTACT Festival)

H A S E R is about the duality of being which recognises silence in strength.


Ruby Jayaseelan, Bani Haykal & Irfan Kasban (first selected to develop and present their work for M1 CONTACT Festival) 

TERBALEK pays homage to mental struggles that are becoming more prevalent in our increasingly complex society.


Jereh Leung 

In “understanding o”, Jereh Leung is examining social constructs of performativity through the domestic space. He intends to further develop his project during the residency for the final showing at the Objectifs in July 2021.


Nicholas Tee (CHILLIDXDDY)   

CHILLIDXDDY’s “REST LESS RAVE MORE” will look at how 'restless bodies' are configured in space via the aesthetics of protests and nightlife.